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Calyx Editing

Our fees

Like many editors, we don't list our fees by word or page. This is because length is only one of the factors we take into account. Some manuscripts require only a light line edit while others benefit from a more substantial intervention.

What's your objective?

  • Looking to interest a publisher in a book, an article, a short story or an essay, or perhaps aiming to follow the self-publishing path?

  • Preparing to submit your dissertation or assignment for assessment but not yet confident that your intellectual ideas are expressed in clear, cogent prose free of distracting grammatical, logical and formatting errors?

  • Need help creating a job application that demonstrates your skills and ensures your application catches an employer’s attention?

  • Do you want to promote your services or your product in ways that will instil confidence in new customers?

Whatever your plan, we’ll be happy to offer you an assessment and a competitive quote.


Drop us an email outlining your project and your goal in commissioning an editor. Attach the manuscript to your email as a Word document. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.


If you wish, we can provide a sample edit of a short section of your manuscript so you can be confident about commissioning us. We will charge for this, but if you decide to proceed, we’ll deduct that charge from your account. We accept direct debit or PayPal.

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